Fetch car sharing
Rent a brand new Renault Zoe, all inclusive and at the lowest rate.
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Max €0,30 per minute  |  Up to  300 km per ride  |  Easy signup

Go easy

Sign up via the app, use the app to find and open the nearest ZOE and drive off immediately!

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Comfort comes standard

5 seats and all the features you could wish for.

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Free as a bird

Benefit from all the advantages of a private car without the burden of fuel costs, parking fees and insurance.

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Friendly pricing

renting a car doesn’t have to be expensive

How it works: You rent a car for a maximum of € 0.30 per minute. You do not have to choose a package in advance, you automatically pay the most favourable price. You only pay for extra-kilometres after 250 kilometres in your trip. And if you drive more than one day, there are 250 more free kilometres per day.

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The advantages of a Fetch shared car

Electric driving, a spacious car, large range and low costs.

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